6 Blade Dorco Disposable Razors - 3 Pack

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  • 6 Blade Shaving System-The pinnacle of shaving technology, the patented 6-blade system, for a superior, perfectly even shave requiring the fewest strokes for zero skin irritation.
  • Front-Hinged Swing System-The pivoting head glides easily and smoothly along your facial contours.
  • Open Architecture-The superior flow-through of the open-backed cartridge architecture makes it easy to quickly rinse and keep the blades pristine, resulting in a greater number of super-close shave.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle-Soft, ergonomically designed grip with a non-slip rubber pad allows for optimal control and provides superior performance, even when wet.
  • Our blades are different-Unlike welded blades, our blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades.

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