KRAZY GLUE All Purpose Gel 2mL Tube

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Featuring a versatile, super-strong formula that bonds to a wide variety of materials including ceramic, plastic, wood, porcelain, metal, leather, and rubber, it’s a great all-purpose glue. The improved glue pen design features pressure grips that control glue flow, which means even less of it getting on your hands. Plus, the precision applicator delivers one drip at a time for accurate fixes while the airtight, leak-proof cap prevents the super glue from drying out. And, with a glue indicator, you know how much glue is left in the pen.

  • All-purpose glue formula is perfect for everyday household repairs
  • Precision control pen with pressure grips that control glue flow for less mess on your hands
  • Bonds strongly to ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, metal, leather, and more
  • One-drop applicator for accurate gluing & leak-proof cap to prevent drying

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